NSC Show Special

Special Also Includes Unlimited Access to All This Functionality

Injury and Illness Center
  • Track Recordable and Non Recordable Injuries/Illnesses
  • Create OSHA 300/301 and Sharps log with the push of a button
  • Use the Fast Fax form to send data to Workers Comp Carrier for First Report of Injury
  • Ad Hoc reporting tool with Charting capability
  • Generate a DART report or export your raw data to MS Excel
Assessment Center
  • Use of the 50+ topical safety checklists or build your own!
  • Modify & combine checklists to meet your needs
  • Track corrective actions, upload attachments, print blank checklists
  • Answer questions from a hand held device and more!
Date Trackers
  • Track date sensitive information in regards to Employees, Locations and the issuance of PPE. Insurance Renewals, Third Party Site Visits, Permits, Drivers Licenses, Sick Time, Vacation, Leave Requests, or define your own!
  • Use the point and click Calendar with Month and Year views to track all date related items
  • Track corrective actions, upload attachments, print blank checklists
Training Center
  • Use the 150+ online courses, to track instructor led training
  • Add & track your own courses
  • View upcoming training in your calendar
  • Easily produce class rosters, schedules of upcoming classes, incomplete training reports
  • Produce certificates for trained employees
  • Invite employees to training via email
  • Print quizzes to use the online training content in the classroom setting
  • Use the Employee Upload Wizard to have employees taking online training in a matter of minutes
  • Maintain your Organization Structure and Location data
  • Add your own site users, control passwords and system access and privileges
  • View upcoming training in your calendar

Using any internet browser, compliPOINT provides members with ON-DEMAND applications for tracking workplace injuries/illnesses. Track traditional and online training, use the extensive checklist library for viewing best practices, and tracking open items. Use the Date Trackers to track employee and location related items as well as PPE issuance.


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