compliPOINT Products

Injury/Illness Tracking with OSHA Compliance Reporting 


compliPOINT provides members with an ON-DEMAND application to track and report employee workplace injuries and illnesses. The system provides a fast and easy-to-use method for tracking injury types, injury dates, source of injuries and more. The required OSHA 300 Log, the OSHA Summary and the OSHA 301 can all be generated ON-DEMAND, and user reports and graphs can be printed.

Employee Date Tracking and Absence Management 


Employers now have a convenient ON-DEMAND solution to track employee absences. Simply define the absence type (personal day, FMLA, vacation, etc), automatically select the date range from the point-and-click calendar, and that's it! An e-mail reminder can get generated as a notice of the event and there is an optional note field for the record. The absences are tallied and displayed for easy viewing in the Employee Record. Employee licenses and permits can expire and create a management crisis. compliPOINT's ON-DEMAND solution lets the member define the employees authorization (Driver License, Work Permit, etc.) , expiration date and provide e-mail notification in a defined period in advance of expiration for timely tracking. The date tracking can be updated and viewed from the Employee Record.

Employee Training Management 


Employers investment in employee training is substantial, necessary and growing. compliPOINT's ON-DEMAND employee training management tracks what employee was trained by whom, when, the training course and expiration date of the training. Automated e-mail alerts can notify management of upcoming training requirements or expirations. The training records can be updated and viewed from the Employee Record.

On-Line Employee Training Courses 


Employers can provide their associate’s on-line training courses to supplement their instructor led training. compliPOINT offers a library of courses in both English and Spanish complete with knowledge checks, interactive content and a final quiz to ensure overall understanding of the material viewed. Online courses can also be used in a classroom setting through the “Preview” feature which allows a course to be played in front of an audience. This approach promotes consistency in content delivery and allows for the Instructor or SME (Subject Matter Expert) to add additional value by adding further detail to the class.

Workplace Calendars 


compliPOINT provides tools for tracking date sensitive information. OSHA visits or an insurance renewal for a given location, a vacation request for an employee or even the issuance of a respirator to an employee who will need new cartridges in three months, compliPOINT’s ON-DEMAND calendar tool provides one place to see all of the date sensitive items affecting your business. All Date Tracker, Absence Management, Checklist corrective actions and Training classes can be access through a single view. The calendar contains Monthly and Yearly views allowing you to look back or look forward at the upcoming items affecting your business. The Workplace Calendar within compliPOINT is your ON-DEMAND personal assistant for tracking everything that happens at your location.

Workplace Audits, Assessments and Checklist 


compliPOINT provides an extensive library of workplace checklists (many developed by OSHA!) to assess safety, compliance and address industry best practices in your facility. Utilize compliPOINT checklists, combine checklists to you’re your specific needs and build you own. With a click of the mouse you can generate and assign corrective actions when deficiencies are found and document the corrections. All Corrective/Preventative actions flow to the workplace calendar for follow up and also enforced by the email alert capability of compliPOINT.

Employee Equipment Distribution Management 


Whether it is personal protective equipment (PPE) or other company issued assets, compliPOINT ON-DEMAND will track who received what, when and any possible expiration or re-issuance date. This information can be updated and viewed from the Employee Record.

For The Facility:

Facility Event/Date Tracking
There are many critical dates that need to be considered for effective business continuity management. These include permits, licenses, inspections, hearings, insurance coverage, corrective actions, etc., all with important dates or expiration. compliPOINT´s ON-DEMAND Facility Event/Date Tracker provides an easy to use function to note the event, the dates, notes and follow-up e-mail alerts to prevent missing important milestones. These dates can be viewed and modified from the Location profile.

Facility OSHA/Safety Audit Management
Facility audits are a recognized process of documenting adherence to best practices and compliance. compliPOINTS ON-DEMAND Facility OSHA/Safety Audit Management System provides over 40 easy to use industry standard checklists. IMPORTANT:These are not just forms, but an automated system to document when the audit was performed in the facility.