compliPOINT Solutions

compliPOINT is the single resource compliance solution for the employer community. Employers are continually burdened with regulatory compliance and human resources challenges. Tracking, documenting, training, audits and scheduling are all time consuming and management intensive. compliPOINT's ON-DEMAND solutions provide easy to use real-time applications that are securely available 24 x 7 x 365.

compliPOINT's ON-DEMAND solutions are based on secure internet technology and are deployed in thousands of locations at companies across the country.

For regulatory reporting compliPOINT tracks employee injuries and maintains the OSHA 300 log, OSHA 301, OSHA Summary 300A, Sharps Log and a workers compensation Fast Fax Form. Lost and restricted workdays are tracked through point and click calendars. Members attain compliance to OSHA's posting regulation - 29 CFR Part 1904.1.2 Recording and Reporting Occupational Injuries and Illnesses, while integrating with other ON-DEMAND tasks.

Added efficiencies are gained through the Employee Absence Management feature. These efficiencies grow with the added features of Employee Training Management, where this burdensome requirement is automated. Automated e-mails alerts management to expirations or scheduling. The issuance of safety equipment and other tools is also tracked for compliance and cost savings.

compliPOINT provides over forty electronic OSHA and workplace safety audit checklists to document compliance. These are not printed forms, but applications to track who audited what and when. Facility inspections, permits, licenses, etc. can also be tracked and management alerted for important dates.

compliPOINT-your single source solution!

Who is using compliPOINT?

...more than a 1000 companies!
State governments, city governments, county governments, public utilities and transportation systems, colleges, school districts and universities, hospitals, clinics and medical centers, hotels, casinos, airports, amusement parks, newspapers and publishers, lumber and building material companies, construction companies and contractors, freight companies, farms, breweries and beverage bottlers, food processing companies, insurance companies as well as many manufacturing and distribution companies have purchased subscriptions.

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